Monday, May 30, 2005

Benedict Promises to Unite Christians and Protect Life

The Holy Father's trip to Bari Italy, his first trip outside Rome.
May 29, 2005

In his homily for the closing ceremonies of the congress, themed, ‘Without Sundays, We Cannot Live,’ the Holy Father told the crowd of 200,000 that, "We need this Bread in order to cope with the fatigue and weariness of the journey. Sunday, the day of the Lord, is the right occasion to draw strength from Him Who is the Lord of life.”

Pope Benedict XVI promised his “full commitment” to reestablishing “the full and visible unity of all Christ's followers." He acknowledged that, “to this end, expressions of good intentions are not enough. Concrete gestures are needed. Gestures that enter into souls and move consciences, calling everyone to that interior conversion that is the prerequisite for all progress on the road of ecumenism.” (Catholic News Agency)

Pope Benedict XVI at the opening of the Italian Bishops Conference
at the Vatican, May 30, 2005

The Holy Father has backed a campaign by Italy's Catholic Church to oppose repealing an assisted fertility law that supports say reigns in runaway research in the reproductive technologies field. The need for the law came when a 62 year-old woman who became pregnant via artificial insemination. The fertility specialist responsible for that feat has already stated he wants to be the first researcher to clone a human being. The pope commended Italian Catholic officials for trying to "enlighten the choices of Catholics." The Pope said it was important for the church to urge Catholics in the European country to protect human life, reports the Life News. The pope spoke to the Italian bishops’ conference, which has called on Italians to boycott the referendum, scheduled for June 12-13. While it was his first foray into an Italian issue, the pope’s support was not unexpected. Cardinal Camillo Ruini, the head of the Italian bishops conference, is the pope’s vicar for Rome. (New from Russia)

Photos courtesy of AP and Reuters.


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