Monday, August 01, 2005

August begins with St. Peter's Chains

Recto Ratio reminds us of a few feast days today.

First, there's the feast day of
St. Peter Ad Vincula (feast of St. Peter's Chains). Check out the reliquary courtesy of Recta Ratio. I knew of a person who bore the surname Advincula (latin for "in bonds") - may his soul rest in peace.

Then there's
St. Alphonsus Ligouri in the new calendar and Lammas Day and Holy Machabees in the old calendar, courtesy of Catholic Culture.

St. John Chrysostom's words on St. Paul's chains apply equally to St. Peter's: "No glittering diadem so adorns the head as a chain borne for Christ. Were the choice offered me either of heaven or of this chain (suffered for Christ), I would take the chain. If I might have stood with the angels above, near the throne of God, or have been bound with Paul, I should have preferred the dungeon. Had you rather have been the angel loosing Peter, or Peter in chains? I would rather have been Peter. This gift of chains is something greater than power to stop the sun, to move the world, or to command the devils" (Homil. 8, in Ephes iii. I.).

St. Peter's first helper was an angel! May we share in the chains borne for Christ just as the Holy Father does as Vicar of Christ.


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