Monday, August 15, 2005

The Cruficix

A famous Jesuit priest once told me while describing a local Catholic hospital: "I don't think it's Catholic anymore: I don't even see a cruficix in any of the rooms!".

The crucifix is the symbol of salvation history. If we meditate on the crucifix long enough, we cannot help but weep, hope and trust, for it bears the image of Jesus, the Word made Flesh, cruficied, died, was buried and rose on the third day. It bears the image of the One Whom we love, Who loved us first by dying on the Cross.

The cross of the crucified Christ is not only a symbol of one's faith and religious creed but also a symbol of one's values based on the very foundation of one's identity - Roman Catholicism.

May there be an increase of public display of the crucifix in our homes, workplaces, schools and hospitals.

The Pope processing behind the Crucifix
for the Mass on the feast of the Assumption.

In a recent homily, Pope Benedict said, "It is important that God is great among us in public life and in private life, in public life, may God be present in signs of the cross in public buildings. May God be present in our community life".

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