Thursday, September 21, 2006

It's Time to Defend The Pope


It's time to defend the Pope! If non-Catholics are doing it, why aren't we?

A Muslim's defense of the Pope: "The words of Pope Benedict should not be examined with scorn but with scrutiny. The respect that our Islam commands in the world today is diminishing because we have come to accept Wahhabi Jihad as normal behavior; this explains President Bush's message that abandoning us to ruthless dictatorships is breeding the divide all of us should fear. If Pope Benedict infringed upon us with his words, it is because Wahhabism has infringed and continues to infringe upon his world with brutality. Unless moderate Muslims control their destiny, Islam is in danger and its lifespan in the Arab world mirrors the lifespan of oil in Saudi Arabia."

George Bush: "And, to the sense the pope clarified the issue, I think it helps those of us who are trying to make it clear to the Muslim world in particular -- we're not fighting Islam,"

Angela Merkel: "Whoever criticizes the Pope misunderstood the aim of his speech," Merkel was quoted as saying. It was an invitation to dialogue between religions and the Pope expressedly spoke in favor of this dialogue ... What Benedict XVI emphasized was a decisive and uncompromising renunciation of all forms of violence in the name of religion."

An Athiest's defense for Benedict: "In an era dominated by relativism and political correctness, where all religions are supposedly equal and truth is a matter of opinion (usually someone else's), it is refreshing to see someone uphold what they believe and defend it against all comers."


Blogger 4HisChurch said...

Amen!! I think sometimes, that many Catholics take our current relatively peaceful and religiously free situation (at least here in the U.S.) a bit for granted. Pray, and sacrifice for the Pope's intentions!

2:22 PM  
Blogger St. Michael the Archangel said...

yes, I also support the Pope 100%! May God bless him and help him to fight against the smoke and lies of the enemy.

9:32 AM  
Blogger Danny Garland Jr. said...

It's good to see that our President has come out in defense of him!

12:07 PM  
Blogger Saint Peter's helpers said...

4HC, St. Michael and Danny, thank you all for praying for the Pope. We must be united in his service and support him by our prayers, sacrifice and good works. Let us ask Our Lady to protect him under her mantle.

7:05 AM  

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