Sunday, December 03, 2006

God Is A Continuous Present

Dear brothers and sisters!

The first antiphion of this Vespers celebration is proposed as an opening for the Advent period and resounds like an antiphon for the entire liturgical year.

Let us listen to it again: "Give the news to the peoples: God is coming, our Savior."

At the beginning of a new annual cycle, the liturgy invites the Church to renew its announcement to all peoples and summarizes it in these words: "God is coming." This synthetic expression contains a force of suggestion that is always new.

Let us pause a moment to reflect: the past tense is not used - God has come; nor the future - God will come; but the present - God is coming. It speaks of a continuous present, an action that is always current - it happened, it is happening now, it will happen again. At whatever moment, God is coming.
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