Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Black Or White

When it comes to life issues, one is either pro-life or anti-life. It's either Black or White.

In short, the bottom line is, as Father Frank Pavone points out, "There are many painless ways to kill both born and unborn,” he said. “That doesn't make it right."


In the linked articles above, one says "...an assessment of already-existing research, suggests that unborn babies younger than 29 weeks cannot feel pain and therefore do not require anesthesia during abortions. The study poses a direct challenge to certain proposed federal and state laws which would require abortion doctors to tell mothers that their babies can feel pain and offer anesthesia specifically for the fetus."

The other article conversely says "A new study has revealed that unborn babies cry within the womb. Ultrasound videos taken of infants within the womb revealed 28-week-old babies crying in response to a noise stimulus. Scientists played a 90-decibel noise to the unborn child, roughly the equivalent of a tummy rumbling, and recorded the effect the noise had via ultrasound. “It was strikingly like an infant crying,” said New Zealand pediatrician Ed Mitchell, who contributed to the US study, according to New Zealand's The Age. “Even the bottom lip quivers.” Up until now, it was known that infants born very prematurely at 28 weeks could cry, but it was believed that the infant only cried when air had entered the lungs after birth. The findings, published in the journal, Archives of Disease in Childhood – Fetal and Neonatal Edition, reinforce the fact that babies experience pain and discomfort well before many abortionists claim. “We actually still do things to babies without anaesthesia,” professor Mitchell added. “Maybe this is a wake-up call to obstetricians and neonatologists.”


Blogger Carmel said...

I have always admired Fr.Frank Pavone's works, he does so much

4:53 PM  
Blogger Saint Peter's helpers said...

Yes, I think he's going to be a saint in the making!

9:29 PM  

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