Monday, December 05, 2005

Poland Anxious To Welcome Pope Benedict

In an "ad lima" visit today by Polish episcopate, the Holy Father addressed them, encouraging the continued and renewed efforts of new evangelization by the clergy, the religious and the laity.

In particular, he said that "one of the chief aims of the activity of the laity is the moral renewal of society, which cannot be superficial, partial and instantaneous. ... One specific task of the laity is participation in public and political life. ... The Church does not identify herself with any one party, political community or political system; she does, however, recall that lay people in public life must bear courageous and coherent witness to Christian values, which have to be affirmed and defended when they are threatened. The must do so publicly, both in political debates and in the communications media. Dialogue undertaken by the Catholic laity on political questions," he added, "will prove effective and of service to the common good when it is founded on love for truth, a spirit of service, and united commitment in favor of the common good."

After the Pope's address, Archbishop Dziwisz invited the Pope to visit Poland. He said:

"The Polish people are anxious to welcome you. We all await your visit to our country and to the Church that loves you and supports you with constant prayer. You may be certain of these sentiments. As you know, the beloved John Paul II never sought to bind people to his own person, but to Peter's Successor. Our people unhesitatingly understood this concept; they do not cease to love the late Pope, but they equally love the one who succeeded him. I also feel I must inform you that it is above all young people who ask us to tell Your Holiness that they want to meet you during your visit to Poland. I would be honored if this meeting were to take place in Krakow."

Read full story here.


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