Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Rooney's Views On Papacy


U.S. Ambassador's View of Benedict XVI
Interview With Francis Rooney

ROME, MARCH 22, 2006 ( Benedict XVI has so far shown a "great and open pastoral ability" in addition to theological rigor, says the U.S. ambassador to the Holy See.

In this interview with ZENIT, Ambassador Francis Rooney talked about the first year of this pontificate, the forthcoming consistory this Friday, and interreligious dialogue with Islam, among other issues.

Q: The consistory will produce two new U.S. cardinals. What does that tell you?

Rooney: This is an important moment in the papacy of Benedict XVI, and also for America. We are pleased to see Archbishops William Levada and Sean O'Malley elevated to the College of Cardinals; though we were not completely surprised given their positions within the Church's hierarchy. They are men of fine reputation, who have worked long and hard on behalf of the Church, often in difficult circumstances and on very complicated issues. We read their appointment as a vote of confidence by the Holy Father in the Catholic Church in America.

Q: The consistory comes near the end of the first year of this pontificate. What has struck you the most about Benedict XVI?

Rooney: Pope Benedict XVI has surprised much of the world, turning out to be quite a different person than media headlines portrayed him to be nearly a year ago. Media had focused on his reputation as an enforcer of doctrine; but in addition to his theological rigor, he has displayed a great and open pastoral ability and has shown himself to be a gifted teacher, consistently clear and bold in his communications. On the occasions that I have met with the Holy Father, he was generous and appreciative of the U.S.-Holy See relationship. The world has warmed to him, and has been struck by the power of his mind and the gentle clarity of his faith.

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