Saturday, May 13, 2006

Our Lady of Fatima


Prayer to Our Lady of Fatima

O Lady of Fatima, you who did show yourself at Fatima, Portugal, as our Lady of the Rosary, grant peace to the world. At Fatima, you asked that everyone pray the Rosary properly every day. You asked for sacrifices for sinners so that their souls would not go to hell. At Fatima you made known that God wants devotion spread in the whole world to your Immaculate Heart.

O Lady of Fatima, you who camed from heaven to earth and spoke to three little children, what you told them was for me, too, and for the whole world. You showed your special favor for children at Fatima. I will try hard to remember to pray the Rosary daily, to make sacrifices for souls, to pray for the conversion of Russia, for world peace, and for our Holy Father the Pope as you asked us. O Lady of Fatima, I love your Immaculate Heart. Amen. (From A Prayer Book for Young Catholics by Fr. Robert J. Fox)

Today, we celebrate the feast of the first apparition of Our Lady of Fatima to the three young shepherds of Portugal.

Blogs are celebrating with joy as they post about Our Lady's feast: Moneybags at A Catholic Life has a great post about the Miracles of Fatima and references the Catechism on Mary at Catholic Catechism Dialogue Blog. In 1917, the newspapers of Portugal reported the miracle of the Sun as posted by Dymphna's Well; The Fatima Prayer is a beautiful short prayer said after each decade of the Rosary as Argent by the Tiber reminds us with a beautiful icon. Today, 400,000 people was present for the celebrations in Portugal as reported by Catholic Fire. Fatima was a historic intervention requested by Pope Benedict XV says Clarity's Place.


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