Friday, December 22, 2006

Benedict the Humble Is Hailed


Benedict XVI's Regensburg Address Hailed

Benedict XVI's lecture at Regensburg has been chosen "Address of the Year" in the German language. The decision was made by the Seminar der Allgemeine Rhetorik, the renowned School of General Rhetoric of the University of Tuebingen.

According to this honor, one of the most prestigious prizes in the German language, the Sept. 12 address "is magisterially constructed in its direct composition" and multileveled. The school defended the "courage and determination with which the Pope produced his address, without the disposition to please and be accommodating, which often passes as dialogue."

Many news media, taking out of context a quotation of Byzantine emperor Manuel II Paleologus, presented the address as a condemnation of Islam. The jury, however, insisted that the address was "in reality about the relationship between reason and faith and affirmation of the Christian conviction that to act according to reason corresponds to the very nature of God." From here.

Food Bank Gives Benedict XVI an Award

Benedict XVI has received the Charity Award instituted by the Food Bank Foundation of Italy. The Pope was given the award because, at the start of his pontificate, he described charity as the "natural dimension of Christian existence," as a "gift of self to the other," the group said. The prize, amounting to about $263,000, will be allocated by the Holy Father to charitable works. More here.


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