Sunday, December 03, 2006

Pope Thanks All For Prayers

Dear brothers and sisters!

Together with you, I wish to thank the Lord once more for the apostolic voyage which I made to Turkey in recent days, in which I felt accompanied and sustained by the prayers of the entire Christian community.

My heartfelt thanks to all of you! On Wednesday, at the general audience, I will be able to speak more extensively of this unforgettable spiritual and pastoral experience, from which I hope that good fruits will be borne, for an ever more sincere cooperation among the disciples of Christ and for a profitable dialog with Muslim believers.

It is incumbent on me now to renew my thanks to all who organized the trip, and who contributed in various ways to its peaceful and fruitful occurrence.

I address special thoughts to the authorities in Turkey and to my friends the Turkish people who accorded me a welcome worthy of their traditional spirit of hospitality.

I would like, above all, to remember with affection the Catholic community who live on Turkish soil. I think of them as we enter Advent time this Sunday. Read more from Papa Ratzi.


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