Monday, April 03, 2006

John Paul II We Miss You!


After one year, Pope John Paul II is still very much missed. As I watched the special tributes broadcasted by EWTN today, I couldn't help but get teary-eyed.

Cardinal Ratzinger blessed the Pope's coffin. He was confident that the Holy Father was "watching from the window of the Father's House and blessing us".

His final goodbye to the world! The world came to see him off. Even arch enemies made peace for a day and came together to say goodbye to a man who tirelessly preached the Gospel of Peace and Unity.

Leaving the way he entered: to great adulation and applause, with his flock beside him.

The world was suddenly orphaned. Our Holy Father is gone and we are all alone.

But it wasn't long until God provided us with Pope Benedict XVI, whose mission was to continue the teachings of John Paul II.

A year has passed and we still mourn his passing. He will always be great in our hearts and minds.

"He continues to be present in our minds and in our hearts," Pope Benedict, wearing a red cape over his white cassock, told the crowd from his window overlooking St Peter's Square on a warm Rome evening.

"He continues to communicate his love for God and his love for man," said Benedict, who said the late Pope had taught the world the value of life even in its final stages.

"We are here to give tribute. It is a must for us to be here because being here in St Peter's Square is us giving him our thanksgiving for all the wonderful things he did," said Richard Ricafente, a man in his 20s from the Philippines.

John Paul II, we miss you.

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Blogger Carmel said...

absolutely beautiful post! I miss him

5:41 AM  
Blogger Saint Peter's helpers said...

Me too, very much.

2:16 PM  

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