Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Pope Is Meek and Gentle


This reminded me of Pope Benedict XVI's pontificate and how he has tempered zeal with meekness.

"St. Anthony Mary Claret explains why evangelizers must temper zeal with meekness: '...Humility is like the root of a tree, and gentleness is its fruit. We please God by humility and our neighbor by gentleness. No virtue is so attractive as gentleness... Bad temper and anger - the lack of gentleness - often masquerade as zeal... The function of zeal is to abhor, flee, renounce, combat and overthrow everything that is contrary to God. But zeal is an ardent and violent love that needs to be wisely controlled... My God, give me a zeal that is discreet and prudent so that I may do everything strongly yet sweetly, gently yet thoroughly.'"

Bert Ghezzi Voices of the Saints: A Year of Readings (Doubleday)

Courtesy of e-spirations from Franciscan University of Steubenville.


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