Saturday, December 23, 2006

Do Not Forget the Sick and Infirmed


This Christmas, while society is concentrated in last-minute Christmas shopping, decorating the house and preparing for Christmas dinner, we often forget those who are suffering because of illness or those who are alone and nobody to celebrate with. Let us at least remember them in our prayers.

In November, the Holy Father reminds us with these words...

How can we forget the many people with infections illnesses forced into segregation, and sometimes marked by a humiliating stigma? The seriousness of these lamentable situations is highlighted by the disparity of social and economic conditions between the North and South of the world.”

“Such situations must be answered with concrete initiatives that favor proximity to the sick, enliven the evangelization of culture, and inspire the social and economic policies of governments.

Here are ways to give this Christmas:

1). Call or visit a friend whom you know is ill or infirmed and assure him/her of your prayers.
2). Send a Christmas card to someone in the hospice or care home.
3). If your hospital has a chapel, have a mass offered for all the sick.


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