Sunday, December 24, 2006

Advent Novena: Day Nine


Novena Prayer:

Father, all powerful and ever living God. I give you thanks through Jesus Christ our Lord, when He humbled Himself to come among us as Man.

He fulfilled the plan You formed long ago and opened for us the way to salvation. Now I watch for the day, hoping that the salvation promised us will be mine when Christ our Lord comes again in His glory.

His future coming was proclaimed by all the prophets. The Virgin Mother bore Him in her womb with love beyond all telling. John the Baptist was His herald and made known when at last He came. In His love He has filled us with joy as we prepare to celebrate His birth.

When He comes, may He find me watching in prayer, my heart filled with wonder and praise. In memory of the coming of our Lord and Savior, I beg You, Father, to grant me all the graces I need to be prepared for His coming to my soul on Christmas. I ask in particular this favor: (mention your request)

For the love Jesus your Son has shown us in becoming man to save us, I beg You to grant my prayer, if it be your Holy Will.

Prayer to benefit from Christ's coming

Lord our God, help me to prepare well for the coming of Christ Your Son. May He find me waiting in eager prayer. God of mercy and compassion, help me in my weakness and free me from sin. Hear my prayers that I may rejoice at the coming of Your Son.

You loved the world so much You gave Your only Son to free us from the ancient power of sin and death. Help me who wait for His coming and lead me to true liberty. Free me from my sins and make me whole. Hear my prayers and prepare me to celebrate the incarnation of Your Son.

Almighty God, help me to look forward to the glory of the birth of Christ our Savior. His coming is proclaimed joyfully in all the world. I await His healing power. Let me not be discouraged by my weaknesses as I prepare for His coming. Keep me steadfast in Your Love. Give me the joy of your love to prepare the way for Him. Help me to serve You and my neighbor.

Father, help me to look forward in hope to the coming of our Savior. May I live as He has taught, ready to welcome Him with burning love and faith. Let Your glory dawn to take away my darkness and may I be revealed as a child of light at His coming. Let the light of His coming free me from the darkness of sin and renew His life within me.

My sins bring me unhappiness, hear my prayer for courage and strength. May the coming of Your Son bring me the joy of salvation. Guide me with Your Love as I await His coming. Keep me faithful that I maybe helped through life and brought to salvation.

Father, creator and redeemer of mankind, You decreed and your word became man, Son of the Virgin Mary. May I come to share the Divinity of Christ. Who humbled Himself to share our human nature. Renew me by the coming feast of Your Son's birth. Give me true faith and love to celebrate the mystery of God made Man. May I who celebrate the birth of Your Son as man rejoice in the gift of eternal life when He comes in glory. May I share more fully in His divine life, for He lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen


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